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24K Crossback Arowana ภาพสวยมาก
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ปลามังกรทองมาเลย์ สวยใหญ่ล่ำ Yai Suwankum
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24 Golden Arowana
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24K Crossback สมบูรณ์มาก
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Grade Full Helmet Golden Head Arowana
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ปลามังกร ทองคำลอยได้
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Golden Head By Long Jiang Arowana
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Golden Head Arowana : Premium - Hi End
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24kg Singapore Crossback Arowana Around 18inches
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Arowana Mg Xb
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24k Gold Arowana
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Merlion Ultimate Arowana
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Electricblue Golden Cross Back Arowana - Qian Hu Certified - 14 Inchs
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Full Helmet Gold Head Arowana
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Merlion Arowana
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Malaysian Golden Arowana
3358 คนดู
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Arowana 24k
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Full Helmet Golden Crossback Arowana
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Sing Wild Gold By SF Arowana Nakhon
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Xback Arowana Super Brilliant
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ถูกเพิ่ม: 2013-03-12
หมวด: Arowana CrossBack
ความยาว: 0:02:33
รายละเอียด: Crossback Arowana

There are many names for XB Arowana; Cross Back Golden, Pahang Gold, Malayan Bonytongue, Bukit Merah Blue, Taiping Golden and Malaysian Gold but in the end they are all Golden Arowana. These many names originate from the many natural habitats in Malaysia where these fish were originally found. The golden arowana, got it's name from the golden scales which run fully over the fish's back, hence the name crossback. The process where the scales on the back of the fish become more and more golden and finally fully cross over is called 6th level crossing (due to the scales on the back being called 6th level scales). As young fishes usually do not possess much color on their 6th level scales, full crossing is something which has to develop with age but recent breeding has increase the quality. There are also lower grades XB which do not fully cross. They might get some golden color and shine on the bottom of the 6th level scales but won't fully cross. These are fishes with a genetically lower potential.

XB can be divided into many different color varieties which all represent the base color of the scales of the fish. We can distinguish Silver based, Gold based, Green based, Blue based and Purple based. The last 2 are sometimes mixed up as they look quite alike. Besides these different color varieties, every farm also uses its own names for the different types of XB.

Nowadays, many breeders try to cross the above varieties to create fish which look even more spectacular. One of these varieties is the the 24K golden arowana. This fish is like a swimming gold-bar. This golden based variety shows superior colors even at very young age and is the dream of many arowana enthusiast.

XB arowana differ from their cheaper nephew, the RTG, in color on the 6th row of scales, shine and intensity of coloration. Furthermore, young XB usually have "pearlies". These pearl scales are the small scales near the anal and dorsal fin. These pearlies indicate the possibility to full 6th level crossing at a later age.

Super red arowana are actually also crossbacks as many have a red shine fully crossed over their backs. This red variety got its own name though, due to the very different coloration and origin.

The difference between XB and super red arowana is the size of the fins. Where XB have relatively short pectoral fins, these fins might stretch as far as the vent for super red arowana. XB do have a bigger head than its red nephew. There is also a crossbreed between super red and XB arowana.





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